Club Vara FAQs

I only want reds. Can I make sure each package is automatically tailored to my preferences?

Unfortunately, there is no way to automate customizations in Club Vara and Crown Club packages. When a club package is released, you can make any changes you like by logging into your account and making the swaps. We do our best to double-check club packages for those who let us know they only want reds, whites, etc, so feel free to shoot us an email at clubvara@varawines.com if you need any assistance.
In the Flex Club, the system will select packages based on user preferences, so each package is automatically customized for you. Just like our other clubs, you are welcome to make any changes that you like prior to billing.

I forgot to make changes to the club package before I was charged! Can I still swap them out?

As we grow our club, it’s important that changes are made as far in advance as possible. We understand that life gets hectic sometimes, so if you forget to make a swap, give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

Can I enroll in multiple clubs?

Absolutely! Simply navigate to the additional club and select “join now.” If you are in multiple clubs, you will always receive the benefits associated with your highest-tied membership.

What happens if I don’t pick up my wine within 30 days?

Life can be hectic – we understand! If you have opted to pick up your club package but have not been able to do so within 30 days, we will reach out with a reminder. If wines are not picked up after that week, we will ship them to you (shipping fees will apply).

Does my member discount apply to the club package?

You bet! Club members receive discounts on every purchase, including club packages.

I live out of state, but I’ll happen to be in town in time for pick-up. Can I change the club package for pickup temporarily?

Although you can’t change your shipping preferences temporarily, you can certainly change your shipping/pickup preferences at any time. Simply log in to your account, and under the Club Memberships tab you can change your pickup address or shipping address. You will have to change your settings back for the next club release.

I would like to gift a membership to someone. How do I do this?

While we do not have a true “gift membership” option at this point in time, you can easily give a membership to one of our wine clubs as a gift. Call us at 505.898.6280, ext 2 and we can help you out.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have about club memberships.
Please contact us at 505.898.6280 or email us at clubvara@varawines.com