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Scott Feuille

Partner, Distiller

Having traveled the globe as a Navy Pilot and Commercial Airline Captain, Scott has been fortunate to taste some of the finest spirits the world has to offer. The nuanced and unique character of historic European and American distillers inspired a passion. Scott quite humbly began his quest as a craft distiller to create the best full integrity whiskey on the market. Now, he too is a peak on the circle of Vara as our Head Distiller.

Scott leads a talented and creative team to introduce innovative spirits of the highest quality to fans of craft distilling around New Mexico and the nation. As an aviator, Scott sees the world from a different perspective. As a distiller, his attention to detail, strong technical background, and ability to step outside convention have allowed him to create an innovative aging process. He marries the traditions of the past to the wonders of science and accelerates aging without altering any physical or chemical reaction that traditional aging produces. Using his breakthrough aging technology, he can push the boundaries with new flavor profiles, unique collaborations, and groundbreaking re-conceptions of classic spirits that advance the art of distilling.