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Sweet & Seco Gift Box

Available:  In Stock $38.00
38.00 (2 x 375ml)
Size: 750 ml
Size: 750ml


Vara Vermut Seco: On the nose a dry lemon peel citrus quality up front with a subtle sweetness in the aromas. On the palate this Vermut shows subtle notes of citrus, chamomile tea and herbal qualities with a surprisingly spicy finish. Vara Vermut Dulce: On the nose you are greeted with dried fruit and nutty qualities. Generous mouth-feel expressing warming baking spices and a lenghty finish.


A wonderful solo aperitif enjoyed on the rocks or as a natural supporting character for your favorite cocktail. We like a "Sweet & Seco", half Vara Vermut Dulce & half Vara Vermut Seco on the rocks with a twist. A must for "La Hora de Vermut".

Wine Type: Aperitif